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FAQs for manipulating your PDF files

FAQs for manipulating your PDF files using

How to find my downloaded files in my PC/Mobile

There are different combinations of platforms and browsers. There are two top level categories for platforms: PC and Mobile. Main Operating Systems for PC are Windows, MacOS and Linux, main Operating Systems for mobile are Android and iOS.

  • PC usually has full functionality for file system, the downloaded files are usually stored in current user’s downloads folder
    • For Windows: C:\User\USERNAME\Download\
    • For Mac: /Users/USERNAME/Downloads/
    • For Linux: /home/USERNAME/Downloads/
  • Mobile OS may not have sufficient functionality for file system, especially iOS. Android has a lot of variants for different manufacturers which makes this an issue, the typical downloads folder is:
    • For Android
      • Different browsers have different behavior
      • Please grant the browser permission for read/write files, otherwise the download will not work
      • Downloads folder may be one of the following
        • Files => Downloads
        • Files => Phone Storage => Downloads
        • Files => Phone Storage => BROWSER
    • For iOS
      • No download support prior iOS 13
      • After iOS 13, you can usually find downloaded files in
        • Files => iCloud Drive => Downloads

Why using is a secure practice to process my files

You don’t need to worry about your files’ security being compromised

Different from other PDF manipulating websites, they usually upload your PDF files to their server, and process your files in their server, then provide a download link to you. After uploading your files to their server, your file is out of your control, and the download link can be visited by other people as well, all the information inside your files is compromised.

We process your files using a different approach, instead of uploading your files to the server, we download JavaScript code to your browser and process your PDF files inside your browser, we never upload your files to internet, you can verify this by clicking here: How to verify selected files never been uploaded to internet

Why files can be processed inside browser

No software needs to be installed

We process your files using JavaScript, a language which is widely supported by browsers. Recent technology WASM & Emscripten can even bring the power of C/C++ code to JavaScript. We leverage these technologies to process your files inside the browser.

Have fun and hope this tutorial helps

  • If you encounter any problems, please take a look at our FAQ pages, if this doesn’t help, please let us know Contact Us