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How to convert PDF files to HTML files

Diagram for PDF to HTML


PDF is one of the most commonly used document types. In some cases, you may want extract text and images together from a PDF file, as well as keep their original order. This tutorial provides a standard solution for converting your PDF files to HTML files. No software needs to be installed & You don’t need to worry about your files’ security being compromised.

This tool will not preserve the original format in PDF files, but it does preserve images and text and their relative position.

Tools: PDF to HTML. Modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

Browser Compatibility

  • Browser that supports FileReader, WebAssembly, HTML5, BLOB, Download, etc.
  • Don’t be intimidated by these requirements, most browsers in the recent 5 years are compatible

Operation Steps

  • First open your web browser and by doing one of the following, you will see browser showing as per below image
    • Option 1: Enter the following "" showing as #1 in below image OR;
    • Option 2: Enter the following "", then open PDF to HTML tool by navigating "PDF Tools" => "PDF to HTML"
    Tutorial image for pdf merge web page
  • Click area "Drop files to here or click here to select files" (showing as area #2 in above image) to select PDF files
    • You can also drag and drop your files to that area
    • You can select as many files as you want and you can select as many times as you want.
    • Your selected files will be showing under box #2 for preview
  • Click button "Start Converting To HTML" (showing as button #3 in above image), it may take some time if files are large
  • Once conversion has completed, the generated file will be presented in the position shown in the image #4 (as shown on above image), and you can simply click on them to download
    • The download link will be showing after successfully processing selected files
  • We also support pack generated files to a ZIP file. When there are too many generated files, you can use this functionality to pack them in a zip file so that you only need to download once instead of clicking multiple times to download all of them

Have fun and hope this tutorial helps

  • If you encounter any problems, please take a look at our FAQ pages, if this doesn’t help, please let us know Contact Us